Learning through open-ended artistic play


PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed THURS 11 DEC and FRI 12 DEC due to staff illness.

Sydney Creative Playground is located at the Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville (142 Addison Road, Building 9) – but only through the end of the year.


An open letter to our families:
At the end of the year we will be losing our space at the Addison Road Centre.

  • The space will be undergoing renovations that were unfortunately not disclosed to us when we moved in, and we were unable to find a space within the centre that is suitable and safe for kids.We need your help.In just two months, Sydney Creative Playground has served over 450 children.We have begun an outreach program with Asylum Seekers Centre and formed a number of other community partnerships.Creative play is important to our community and we’re not ready to shut our doors!

    So how can you help?
    Do you know anyone with space for rent in the Inner West? Particularly in the Marrickville LGA. Please let us know.
    Contact Marrickville Council. At the moment we do not receive council support and we’ve been reaching out to various departments, to no avail. But perhaps we haven’t stumbled onto the right person yet.
    Share our posts on social media. You never know who might know someone!
    Keep coming into SCP! Help demonstrate that there’s a community need for this.

    Although this is an urgent call to action, we’re confident that we will find a new home where we can grow our programming and offer even more opportunities for creative play and exploration.

    Thank you for all of your interest and support along the way!

    Sharon Baldwin
    Founder & Director

For questions or to get involved email sydneycreativeplayground@gmail.com

Or join our mailing list below:

Sydney Creative Playground is a not-for-profit initiative of the Sydney Creative Play Collective.

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